Eotc mezmur mp3

This fast is observed with greater rigor than any other fast and it is a test of one's Christianity. One who fails to keep it is not considered a good Christian. Properly observed it nullifies the sins committed during the rest of the year. The faithful should abstain from all food except bread, water and salt.

It consists of 56 days, all meat is forbidden, and also, what are called "lactina," milk, butter, cheese, eggs, etc. On all the fasting days only one meal is allowed and this is to be taken in the afternoon, at 3 P. On Saturdays and Sundays people are allowed to eat in the morning. Daily Services are conducted in all the Churches. Each day services are held from morning to P.

Priests regularly attend night services starting at midnight up to seven A. Each week of the Great Lent has its own name associated with what Christ did or taught. The names and the corresponding part of the bible are shown below with each Sunday heralding the beginning of each week. All rights reserved. Click here to send mail. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst. Bread for the Soul. European Calendar. Ethiopian Calendar. Name of the weeks.

eotc mezmur mp3

Bible Reading. February 23, John March 1, Mt I was in presentation last month I was so nerves, it is my first time in USA to do presentation in stage. I heard one of your songs when you say God has covenant with me my heart song with u.

I felt more confidence I do my work successfully when I came home I can't stop listing to your songs. Thank you so much.

eotc mezmur mp3

I do love the rest of the songs as well God bless!! I do believe that, Those couples are a blessing for our generation. May God of Israel bless them according his will. I love their songs since the day i accepted Jesus as my lord and Savior.

Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur New 2019 mp3 download

I would like to thank for the website members too. They did great job. God bless you all!

eotc mezmur mp3

God bless you Mihret and the people who post this website. I am really blessed. Thank you. Toggle navigation. A full audio Bible in Tigrigna is also currently available. Please register to enable you list your favourite songs in one playlist. The songs are also sorted by Gospel Mezmur Singers Follow us on one or any of the social networking at the bottom of the page and please share this with your friends.

Random Daily Mezmur Verses:. Share your Mezmur Write us at reach mezzmur.Toggle navigation. Mezmur Amharic Mezmur Amharic mezmur alphabatically organized below. Addisalem Assefa Mezmur by Addisalem Assefa. Addisu Worku Mezmur by Addisu Worku. Agegnehu Yideg Mezmur by Agegnehu Yideg. Alemayo Mezmur by Alemayo. Alexander Tsehay Mezmur by Alexander Tsehay.

Amanuel Church Mezmur by Amanuel Church. Amanuel Gtuu Mezmur by Amanuel Gtuu. Andenet Gezahegn Mezmur by Andenet Gezahegn. Andnet Gezaghegn Mezmur by Andnet Gezaghegn. Asfaw Melese Mezmur by Asfaw Melese. Asmamaw Mezmur by Asmamaw. Aster Mezmur by Aster. Aster and Endlkachewu Mezmur by Aster and Endlkachewu. Aster Angelo Mezmur by Aster Angelo. Aster Moges Mezmur by Aster Moges.

Aster Yoseph Mezmur by Aster Yoseph. Awtaru and Yoseph Mezmur by Awtaru and Yoseph. Awtaru Kebede Mezmur by Awtaru Kebede. Aynaleme Huegawe Mezmur by Aynaleme Huegawe. Azeb Hailu Mezmur by Azeb Hailu. Azeb Wondwosen Mezmur by Azeb Wondwosen. Baca Beyene Mezmur by Baca Beyene. Benyam Hussen Mezmur by Benyam Hussen.

protestant mezmur

Betelehem Wolde Mezmur by Betelehem Wolde. Bethelem Tezera Mezmur by Bethelem Tezera. Bezu Mulugeta Mezmur by Bezu Mulugeta. Bezuayehu Gebretsadik Mezmur by Bezuayehu Gebretsadik. Birhanu Bekele Mezmur by Birhanu Bekele. Birucktawit Assefa Mezmur by Birucktawit Assefa.

Christian Girma Mezmur by Christian Girma. Dagmawi Tilahun Mezmur by Dagmawi Tilahun. Daniel Agonafer Mezmur by Daniel Agonafer. Daniel Amdemichael Mezmur by Daniel Amdemichael. Daniel Tilahun Mezmur by Daniel Tilahun. Daniel Zena Mezmur by Daniel Zena.Play - Classical Mezmur 1. Play - Classical Mezmur 2. Play - Classical Mezmur 3. Play - Classical Mezmur 4. Collection 1. Collection 2. Collection 3. Collection 4. Collection 5. Toggle navigation. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.

Classical Mezmur 1 Classical Mezmur. Login or Register to create a personal playlist. Save your favourite mezmur in one list, and download Classical Mezmur Classical Mezmur 1 mezmur and other Gospel Songs. Click here for More mezmur similar to Classical Mezmur's albums. Leave a comment:.

It is really interesting and reminds me the old days. Thank you. God bless you. Can I download any of the music? Can you tell me the type of downloader I should use? Similar albums Collection 1.

Ye Like Zemari Yilma Hailu Begena Collection የሊቀ ዘማሪ ይልማ ሀይሉ የበገና መዝሙሮች ስብስብ ፡

Collection 1 Collection 1.Mezmur Protestant holds a prominent position in the preaching of Ethiopian Pentecostal Christian worshipers. Ethiopian Protestants believe that music should be conducted only for God, therefore mezmur or music in the Ethiopian language has no cultural or ethnic boundaries. Furthermore, Mezmur Protestant has no restrictions as to what instruments or style of music chosen to be used to perform.

Old Mezmur Protestant Pioneers such as Addisu Worku were one of the earliest mezmur performers and Misrach Voice Radio was the medium he used to let the masses hear his work. The Mulu Wongel Church was an early church that began to develop mezmur singers, this in part because it was established mostly by Ethiopians themselves. In the beginning, aside from Addisu Worku, there were also other prominent solo Mezmur Protestant singers, some of which include: Dr.

Instrumental or more commonly known in Ethiopia as classical Mezmur Protestant songs are very popular and Bethel Music Ministry and Fikru Aligaz are some of the most well known. There are also reggae Mezmur Protestant groups such as the Ahava Gospel Singers and former secular singers such as Hirut Bekele and Muluken have produced mezmurs after their conversions. New Protestant Mezmur 4. Bereket Merid Vol. New Ethiopian Protestant Song Amharic old Mezmur Old Mezmur Protestant Collection Old Protestant Mezmur - Tekeste Alresawem Are Sintu Full Name:.

Email Address:. Satellite Frequency in Ethiopia. Jobs in Ethiopia. Ethiopian Traditional Clothes. Related Post. Must Know.Listen on Apple Music. Apple Music Preview.

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Sign In. Try It Now. Tadewos Awugchew. Ye Berhaw Guzo. Berai Nehe. Zelesegna Melaket. Mar Mar Alew feat. Mirtnesh Tilahun. Amanuel feat. Diaqon Ezra. Ye Berhaw Guzo feat. Zerfe Kebede.

Andit Alem feat. Cherinetih New Yaderesegn feat. Yigerem Dejene. Mezmur Dedicated to Isis Martyrs feat. Zemari Habtamu.

eotc mezmur mp3

Abe Yetekelewe. Amelake Mesgana. Be Enba Sheleqo. Begene Ye Nohe. Del Beqeranio. Geta Tegegne. Mariam Emiye. Mene Baderglet.

Micheal Derese. Neye Mariam. Yesemay Amelake. Enem Tewuled feat. Zamari Gebre Yohannes Gebre Tsadik. Zelesegna Awaje. Zelesegna Menewe Wedaje. Eyesus Lebelhe. Ye Tewahedo Mezmur.Upload Receipt. We have sent an email that contains the confirmation code to enable Two-factor authentication.

Login Register. Welcome To Wongelnet! Download the Android App Available! Now at the play store! Create Playlists with any song, On-The-Go. Top Trending Artists. Addisu Worku. Abba Natnael Taye. Abiy Taddele. Addis Ababa Emanuel Social Choir.

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